Our History

Durham Grandparents and Parents for Action on Climate Change (originally called “Durham’s Grannies and Grandpas Against Global Warming”) was founded in August, 2018. Here’s some text from the introductory email, sent out on August 8, 2018:

If you are “of a certain age*” you are invited to help in the founding of a new activist environmental organization—Durham’s Grannies and Grandpas Against Global Warming!

Grannies and Grandpas will seek to engage decision makers on a personal level, focusing on a simple message: If politicians and the leaders of corporations and energy companies really care about their children and grandchildren (or anybody’s children and grandchildren), they need to take action to slow global warming now!

Twenty years from now, when the chaos created by unchecked global warming will really be hitting home, are they going to be able to look their offspring in the eye and say that back in the day, they did everything they could? Or for that matter when they come home from work tomorrow will they be able to look their offspring in the eye and say they are doing everything they can?

Grannies and Grandpas will bring this message—in person, whenever possible—to elected officials, government employees, corporate leaders. Even here in progressive Durham, there is much that needs to be done.

Requirements for membership:

  • At least some silver hair—or a note from your hairdresser explaining why you don’t have any!
  • Grandchildren are nice (very nice, actually) but not absolutely required.

Since this beginning we have changed our name and expanded our membership to include parents and “friends”—i.e. folks that don’t have children. Our efforts thus far have focused on:

  • Working for city and county passage of Renewable Energy Resolutions, which would set goals of transitioning to 80% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2050, for the operations of our city and county governments.
  • Helping to raise money for energy saving measures in 50 low-income homes that the Durham Community Land Trustees is renovating in East Durham. 
  • Preparing to lobby for the inclusion, in an upcoming county bond issue, of energy retrofits and solar energy installations for numerous Durham Public Schools.